Every family has a story and this is ours

Nick’s Air Conditioning & Heating LLC. Is owned by Dana (Dan) Orientale. I founded this company in the winter of 2019. When naming the company I knew the perfect name, Nick, in memory of my son Nicholas Ryan Orientale who was tragically killed in early 2019.For me this was an opportunity to keep my son’s memory alive and honor him by applying the same principles to the company as I did when raising him. We strive to do the best job we can, we are honest and fair with our customers and treat everyone like family. At Nicks we are families caring for families...


On the day of August 29,1996 Nicholas Ryan Orientale was born and I became a father. Nick grew into an honest and generous man, who made me proud by always making sure his family and friends were taken care of. Nick and I were a team and as so we planned to start a business together, before he was tragically killed. In the aftermath I met Eric Lane who quickly became a friend and helped me start up the business Nick and I dreamed of. The principles this company is built on are the same principles I raised my son with; honesty, integrity, hard work, and family first.

Meet The Team

Dan Orientale

Owner/Service Technician

Mirely Galusha

Manager/ Marketing Director.